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Onsite media briefing:

The ATSB will conduct an onsite media briefing on its investigation into the 20 July 2014 aircraft accident near Burrumbuttock, NSW.

The Investigator-in-Charge will discuss factual information known to the ATSB at this time and will outline the investigation process.

The ATSB has deployed two investigators, who have already begun work at the accident site. Over the next few days they will examine the circumstances around the accident and gather information from the wreckage site, witnesses and aircraft maintenance records.

The investigators are seeking witness reports that might assist the investigation. Witnesses can call the ATSB on 1800 020 616.

Where: Urana Road, Burrumbuttock, NSW

When: 3:30 PM EST, 21 July 2014


Media contact: 1800 020 616
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Last update 27 August 2014