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The ATSB is reminding aerial work pilots to manage their fatigue levels as they take on higher workloads during this time of the year.

The ATSB's advice follows an incident where a pilot fell asleep while undertaking locust spotting activities and had to be awoken by an observer on the plane.

ATSB Chief Commissioner, Mr Martin Dolan, said aerial work pilots are especially prone to becoming fatigued during this time of the year.

"As pilots increase their flying hours doing high intensity agricultural activity, such as spotting and spraying, they are at far greater risk of becoming fatigued," Mr Dolan said.

"Pilots need to make fatigue management an absolute priority to ensure they stay safe while flying."

The ATSB has issued a safety alert that provides advice for pilots to avoid and manage fatigue. The safety alert is available on the ATSB website at www.atsb.gov.au

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Last update 01 April 2011

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