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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is investigating the collision between the bulk carrier Silver Yang and the yacht, Pink Lady.

Mr Mike Squires, Acting Director of Surface Safety Investigations, confirmed the known details of the incident and outlined the investigation process at a media briefing held at Parliament House today, Wednesday, 9 September at 2.30pm.

Two ATSB investigators departed for Queensland this morning to commence the investigation. Brisbane Water Police are also assisting.

The Pink Lady was expected to berth at Southport sometime this afternoon. The yacht was dismasted in the collision.

According to Mr Squires, the ATSB was advised of the incident by AUSSAR at about 3.00am this morning. The collision between the yacht, Pink Lady and a bulk carrier Silver Yang is reported to have occurred about 15 miles east of Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland.

The ship Silver Yang is bound for China to discharge its cargo. The flag state, Hong Kong, are assisting with the ship side of the investigation.

There is no report of injuries.

There was reported radio contact between the ship and yacht after the incident but details of the communication are not known.

It is not known how long an investigation such as this will take. The ATSB will release a Preliminary Factual report within about 30 days. Should any critical safety issues emerge that require urgent attention, the ATSB will immediately bring such issues to the attention of the relevant authorities who are best placed to take prompt action to address those issues.

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Last update 01 April 2011