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The ATSB has found that a collision between the Indian Pacific passenger train and a tip truck occurred when the driver of the truck drove into the side of the train at the Moloney Road level crossing in SA.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has today released its final report into the collision which occurred on 13 December 2007. At the time of the accident road traffic at the crossing was controlled by 'Stop' signs and approach warning signs.

The investigation established that the truck did not come to a halt at the 'Stop' sign and concluded that the truck driver's familiarity with the crossing, low expectation of encountering a train and his possible increased propensity to take risks were factors that may have led to him failing to stop at the crossing.

The investigation concluded that had the truck driver come to a halt at the 'Stop' sign as required he would have been able to clearly see the train and then have been able to proceed safely over the crossing when the train had passed.

In the interest of enhancing future road/rail safety the ATSB has identified a series of opportunities to improve the road/rail interface risk at this location. The City of Playford Council is currently in the process of closing the road over the crossing as alternative access with active protection is close-by and available for public use. This action will eliminate the risk of any future collision at the level crossing.

Copies of the report can be downloaded from the ATSB's internet site.

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Last update 01 April 2011