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A media conference discussing the progress of the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Aero Commander fatal accident on 31 July 2007 will be held today, Wednesday 1 August 2007

Where: On the road between West Wallan and Clonbinane, East of Monument Hill in Victoria. (37deg 21.4S 145deg 05.8E)
Time: 13:30 local time (Eastern Standard Time)

Mr Alex Hood, the investigator in charge (IIC), will discuss factual information known to the investigation team at this time and will outline the investigation process.

Any person/witness with information about the accident is encouraged to contact the ATSB on 1800 020 616.

No further media briefings will be conducted by the on-site team. After this briefing, all media enquiries must be directed to the media contact listed below.

Media contact: 1800 020 616
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