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Today the ATSB is issuing a preliminary report of the investigation into the accident involving an Aero Commander 500-S, registered VH-LST.

The accident occurred on 19 February 2004, at about 1700 Eastern Summer Time (ESuT), approximately 58km NNW of Hobart Aerodrome.

The report provides factual information as at 29 March 2004.

The aircraft departed Hobart Airport for Devonport, Tasmania at about 1643 ESuT. The pilot made several radio transmissions, the last indicating that the aircraft had left 4,500 ft on climb to a cruising altitude of 8,500 ft.

The wreckage pattern indicates that the aircraft sustained a structural failure resulting in airframe disruption while airborne. The reason for the structural failure is still under investigation.

The investigation is continuing and is examining several aspects in relation to the accident, including the aircraft structure, maintenance, flight operations, air traffic control, meteorological conditions and human performance.

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