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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has received international recognition for outstanding work in its Investigation into Ansett Australia maintenance safety deficiencies and the control of continuing airworthiness of Class A aircraft report.

In Washington earlier this week, the prestigious Flight Safety Foundation 2003 Cecil A Brownlow Publication Award went to the ATSB for extraordinary efforts in identifying, investigating and reporting on a systemic problem affecting aviation safety worldwide.

The ATSB's report, released in November 2002, highlighted that a robust system for regular inspection and maintenance of Boeing 767 aircraft was essential to assure continuing airworthiness.

Mr Kym Bills, ATSB Executive Director, accepted the award at the joint meeting of Flight Safety Foundation, the International Federation of Airworthiness and the International Air Transport Association in Washington.

The ATSB is thrilled to have its work recognised by the Flight Safety Foundation. The Award highlights the critical contribution the ATSB makes to aviation safety - not only in Australia but internationally, Mr Bills said.

The Flight Safety Foundation's (FSF) annual International Safety Awards Program recognises individual and group achievements in aviation safety, as well as acts of heroism by civil aircraft crew members or ground personnel.

The Cecil A Brownlow Publication Award recognises publications, articles, electronic media or individuals with demonstrated excellence and commitment in their coverage of aviation safety topics. Submissions are judged on the quality of writing and research, the presentation and, importantly, the contribution to safety awareness.

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Last update 01 April 2011

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