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The ATSB today released its interim report on the fatal accident involving a Piper PA-28-161 aircraft and a Socata TB-9 aircraft near Bankstown Aerodrome on 5 May 2002.

Four people died in the accident, which occurred when the Piper (call sign VH-IBK) and Socata aircraft (call sign VH-JTV) collided about 2km ESE of the aerodrome, while on final approach to the runway.

The Piper aircraft had departed Wagga Wagga at about 1.34pm that day on a private flight to Bankstown, with a private licensed pilot and three passengers on board.

The Socata aircraft, with a flight instructor and student pilot on board, was conducting circuit training at Bankstown Aerodrome on runway 29L via left circuits.

The interim report states:

  • The Socata pilots reported that, after they completed the turn onto final approach, their aircraft was lined up for runway 29L.
  • Soon after, the instructor pilot saw the Piper was positioned close to the right of their aircraft and on a rapid collision course with the Socata.
  • The two aircraft collided at about 3.25pm.
  • Following the collision, the instructor pilot landed the Socata safely and the two pilots were uninjured.
  • All on board the Piper died in the accident.

The ATSB investigates accidents in order to identify the contributing factors and to make safety recommendations which may prevent such accidents from happening again. The ATSB does not investigate for the purposes of apportioning blame or liability.

The interim report is a summary of factual information known at this point in time.

The report Interim Factual Report 200201846, is available from the website.

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Last update 29 January 2014