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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) will release its final report into the systemic factors behind the groundings of Ansett B767 aircraft, tomorrow.

Several of Ansett's B767 aircraft were grounded in December 2000 and again in April 2001. While Ansett has ceased flying, the ATSB continued its investigation because of the importance of the issues involved for the safety of 'Class A' aircraft around the world.

Executive Director Kym Bills will speak to the media at 10.30am tomorrow, at the ATSB headquarters at 15 Mort St, Braddon.

Who: ATSB Executive Director Kym Bills.
When: 10.30am, Friday 15 November.
Where: 15 Mort Street, Braddon.

The report will then be available from 10.30am, as will a broadcast-quality recording of the ATSB statement.

Note: Mr Bills will not be available for interviews following the media conference.

Media contact: 1800 020 616
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Last update 01 April 2011