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On 11 January 2001, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau advised that it had commenced an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the omission by Ansett Australia to undertake specified maintenance requirements for Boeing 767 aircraft [Media Release]. This situation was regarded as having the potential to affect adversely the safety of aviation and was a safety deficiency. Accordingly, a safety deficiency investigation was commenced. The investigation is continuing with the full cooperation of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the United States Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing and Ansett Australia.

On 9 April, the ATSB was notified that cracks had been located during inspections of the engine pylon wing attachment fittings on Boeing 767 aircraft operated by Ansett. These fittings were the subject of a Boeing Service Bulletin issued on 2 March 2000.

The safety deficiency investigation that was commenced on 11January2001, has been extended today and will include an examination of procedures for the control of the continuing airworthiness of Class A aircraft, which includes the Boeing 767. The examination will include a review of procedures employed by manufacturers, regulatory and certifying authorities and airline operators.

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Last update 01 April 2011