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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating an occurrence in which a Singapore-bound Emirates Airlines Boeing 777 (flight number UAE69) stopped its take-off from runway 16 at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport when the left engine failed. Initially smoke and flames were visible but the crew reported that there was no fire.

The incident happened at 8:55 pm Eastern Summer Time on 30 January 2001. The aircraft was able to return to the terminal safely where the passengers disembarked normally. There were no reported injuries.

"Preliminary advice suggests that the engine failure may have resulted from a dislodged engine fan blade," Barry Sargeant, Deputy Director, Air Safety Investigation said.

"The investigation will initially entail inspecting the engine to determine the extent of the failure. The flight data recorders will also be analysed to gain a full appreciation of what actually happened. Once we have that information it will be then possible to determine which areas the investigation will need to focus upon. Until we get to that point it is not possible to predict the extent or length of the investigation. In the meantime the ATSB will be working closely with the airline and with the engine manufacturer," Mr Sargeant said.

After the occurrence the runway was closed for inspection and swept for engine debris, which delayed several aircraft for about 15 minutes.

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Last update 01 April 2011