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The ATSB has a team of four investigators at the site of the Beech King Air accident near Normanton in Queensland. The team will be examining the aircraft and its systems. Based on initial information, pilot and passenger incapacitation will also be considered.

In June 1999 another Beech King Air was involved in an incident where the cabin pressurisation system did not operate and the pilot became temporarily incapacitated. Although the final report is yet to be released, the ATSB issued interim recommendations on 28 July and 7 October 1999 regarding:

a) the fitment of passenger oxygen mask container doors;

b) automatic deployment of passenger oxygen systems and automatic activation of cabin altitude alert systems; and

c) an audible warning to operate in conjunction with the cabin altitude alert system.

These and any other recommendations relating to this type of aircraft will be reviewed in the context of the investigation near Normanton.

The Investigator-In-Charge of the June 1999 investigation is a member of the team investigating the latest accident.

If any new information becomes available from the accident site the ATSB will conduct further media briefings. Details of these briefings will be posted on this website through media alerts.

Media contact: Peter Saint B: (02) 6274 6590, M: (0408) 497 016
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Last update 01 April 2011