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At approximately 0700 on Thursday 22 June, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) received a report of a possible collision between and cargo ship and a fishing vessel off the north coast of NSW in the early hours of 21 June.

A crew member of the fishing vessel was picked up last night after spending 18 hours in a dingy. There is still one crew member missing and AusSar have a search in progress using 6 helicopters and 3 fixed wing aircraft. Some wreckage has been recovered.

The ATSB has sent 2 investigators to the north coast of NSW to commence an investigation.

In accordance with ATSB procedures, all reports and recommendations arising from this investigation will be scrutinised by a review panel consisting of senior ATSB management.

Prior to the review panel's final scrutiny, the standard process where Interested Parties have the opportunity to comment on the draft report will occur to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Media contact: Peter Saint B: (02) 6274 6590, M: (0408) 497 016
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Last update 01 April 2011