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Alok Rajvanshi said...

Human Elements in preventing marine accidents is also the topic of discussion at IMO HTW1(Human Element, Training and Watch keeping) sub committee meeting held in Feb 2014. Next meeting is proposed for Feb 2015 with more input from AMSA.
However, along with consideration for accidents at sea due to Human Elements, shipboard equipment designs (Ergonomics) should also be considered, as is mostly the case in Aviation industry. Perhaps standard ergonomics on board can lessen the number and impact of accidents at sea.

November 25, 2014 14:44
Mark Rossiter said...

At Jetstar many of our investigators have attended this course. I can highly recommend it on behalf of all here. Well done again to the ATSB in leading the way with broad reaching safety initiatives - punching well above your weight guys! Mark Rossiter Head of Safety Jetstar

November 25, 2014 15:39
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