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Communication essential for positive safety action


As Australia’s national transport safety investigator, the ATSB’s core job is to investigate accidents and incidents to find out what happened so they don’t happen again. But, while investigation is essential and fundamental to what we do, it’s not the only thing.

Equally important is the information we hold on safety-related events. We use that information to identify safety issues and trends. These issues and trends—along with our investigation findings—are used to inform and educate industry.

As part of this education activity, the ATSB actively communicates and engages with industry to ensure everyone is aware of the issues that need attention. Positive safety action can only result from safety awareness.

While we do our best to ensure industry is kept informed on transport safety, we always look for ways we can do even better.

Providing regular and timely updates on all of our investigations is an area that will have a strong focus into the future. This is an important part of any investigation as it provides an early ‘heads up’ of possible safety issues and lets people know what we’ll be looking at as part of the investigative process.

Positive safety action can only result from safety awareness.

I’m also committed to ensuring that all of industry is made aware of safety advisory notices or safety recommendations we make during our investigations. We did this recently when we warned all balloon operators of the safety concern surrounding cold air inflation fans following a tragic fatal accident.

Using a wider range of media to reach more people is also a priority. You may have noticed that we recently launched our YouTube channel, ATSBinfo. The channel features a series of ATSB videos highlighting the top transport safety priorities in Australia. Through YouTube, we’re engaging a broader audience that will benefit from safety messages in video format.

And of course, we’ll continue to use our current channels—ATSB website, Twitter, ATSB reports, industry conferences, mainstream and industry media, work-site visits, and direct email—to communicate safety.

If you have an interest in transport safety, I encourage you to engage with the ATSB. Subscribe to our email subscription service, follow us on Twitter, check out our YouTube channel or contribute to the discussion below.

Written by Martin Dolan, Chief Commissioner at 11:00 AM
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