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Careers at the Australian Transport Safety Bureau

Working as “one team”, we have created an operational environment where our greatest resource – our people – will more effectively bring to bear their collective wealth of core skills and attributes to improve transport safety across the aviation, rail and marine transport sectors.

The ATSB's function is to improve safety and public confidence in the aviation, marine and rail modes of transport through excellence in:

  • independent investigation of transport accidents and other safety occurrences;
  • safety data recording, analysis and research; and
  • fostering safety awareness, knowledge and action.

Should you require further assistance in terms of submitting your application, please contact our Recruitment Officer on 02 6274 6687 or via email to: recruitment@atsb.gov.au


Current position vacant

Title:Manager, Safety Reporting
Classification:Executive Level 1
Position number:2018/11
Tenure:Full-time – ongoing, non-ongoing
Salary:$100,224 - $110,632*
Branch:Transport Safety
Security clearance:Baseline
Close date:22 November 2018
Contact officer:Stuart Godley on (02) 6274 6401

About the position

As Manager for Safety Reporting, you will lead and manage the work of a niche group of professionals. You will be responsible for ensuring the efficient receipt and processing of all safety reporting to the ATSB, and data quality of the Safety Investigation Information Management System (SIIMS), a purpose build database that records all reported transport safety accidents/incidents. SIIMs is used as the primary investigation management application for Transport Safety Investigators.

The Manager for Safety Reporting works under the broad direction of the Director Transport Safety to deliver quality outcomes. In performing this leadership role, you will drive innovation, changes in workplace practices and organise work in the context of competing priorities and strategic direction.

  • Leading a team, managing allocated resources, setting work area priorities, managing workflows, and monitoring and evaluating business outcomes.
  • Managing operational planning activities for the team, identifying and preparing notifications for an investigation decision, coordinating data requests, oversighting mandatory accident/incident reporting, confidential reporting (REPCON), and witness hotline activities, and completing quality assurance activities for occurrence briefs and web summaries ready for publication.
  • Building and sustaining relationships with stakeholders and facilitating cooperation to ensure the effective management of the safety reporting system, data and workflows.
  • Working within legislative frameworks, established principles, work practices and procedures in accordance with ATSB business objectives.
  • Developing new investigative staff in notifications, data processing, occurrence briefs and the General Notifications Roster (GNR) phone rosters, and providing feedback to staff and managers to improve individual and agency performance.
  • Representing the ATSB and its values at intergovernmental meetings, safety committees and industry conferences.
  • Motivating team members to produce quality outcomes and engage in continuous learning,includes on-the-job coaching and mentoring.
  • Contributing to the strategic planning and continual improvement of the agency.
  • Manager Representative for the internal Research, Analysis and Data specialist group.
  • Monitoring and supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of staff in accordance with legislation and the agency’s policies and procedures.
  • Modelling and promoting the APS values, APS Code of Conduct and ATSB principles/values.

Knowledge, skills and capabilities

To succeed in this role you will need to:

  • have the ability to lead staff effectively and build both staff and team capability
  • have the ability to prioritise, allocate and monitor workloads and projects, includes human resource and financial management skills
  • have the ability to apply effective analytical reasoning and problem solving skills in a collaborative environment
  • have the ability to engage, influence and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
  • have the ability to work effectively with a limited set of information, explore options, identifies risk and make sound decisions under pressure
  • have the ability to quickly acquire knowledge of the ATSB’s Policy, Procedure and Guideline framework
  • embrace continuous professional development opportunities and broader industry awareness.

An interest and passion for transport safety would also be preferable.

* the starting salary rate will be negotiated with the successful applicant based on their ability to perform relevant work level standards.


Application kit: (including position description and selection criteria)

[Download DOCX Download DOCX: 98KBDownload PDFPDF: 751KB]

Applicant coversheet: (Attachment A)

[Download DOC Download DOC: 85KBDownload PDFPDF: 90KB]

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Last update 28 September 2018

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