Corporate logos and acceptable use

ATSB Official Logos

In-line version: This version is to be used for most internal correspondence and letters.

Stacked version: This (centered) version is to be used when space is restricted.


  • A minimum size for the Commonwealth Crest of 20mm wide applies
  • The logo must not be altered or distorted in any way
  • Ensure logo is visible and not covered by an image or writing
  • Do not change colours, or add treatments/effects to the logo
  • Please do not crop, stretch or distort the logo in any way
  • Do not re-set or reposition any of the type
  • The inclusion of the Commonwealth Crest means the logo must be at the top of a page/design and must not be crowded or be subservient to any other element.

General Office Use

Suitable for all Microsoft Office Applications like Powerpoint and Word.

If you resize the logo, ensure that when printed the Commonwealth Crest is at least 20mm wide and not distorted in any way.

Professional Printing

Suitable for material to be published externally by a professional printer or designer.

Black Text

White Text

Navy Blue Text

Unacceptable uses for the ATSB Logo

  • The logo must not be used in ways that detract or obscure its readability.
  • The logo was designed to be used upright, never on a slant.
  • Do not screen the logo or use different PMS colours.
  • Do not replace the logotype with another.


  • The black and white version of the logo is suitable for general usage.
  • The logo may be reversed out however, specific restrictions apply. For example the logo may be reversed out with a dark solid blue (Pantone 3035c) background with the crest and the name appearing in solid white - see the official government style guide for examples.
  • ATSB Corporate colours:
    - Dark Blue - Pantone 3035c, #00394f - primary masthead colour
    - Mid Blue - Pantone 7700c, #006080 - mid blue
    - Light Blue - Pantone 637c, #4dc5e6 - highlight blue

ATSB Corporate Colours

For assistance contact:

David Hope (ATSB Website Manager)
Tel: 02 6122 1658